CSL Response to Boulder Colorado Shooting

Above everything else let’s tune into the comforting thought that there is a Love in the universe that by Its very Presence dissolves all hate; a faith in God that neutralizes all fear, confidence that brushes aside every doubt.
Dr. Ernest Holmes
Science of Mind Magazine, August 1971, p 17  

This morning, as we process the events of last evening in Boulder, Colorado our hearts are with the community as they begin to deal with the understanding of yesterday’s mass shooting event where 10 people lost their lives. 

While details of the incident are still unfolding, we join in prayer, love and grief for all those affected by this experience. 

Let us join in knowing that the families of the victims and the perpetrator find peace in their hearts over the coming days and months. Let us know that the community of Boulder is receiving the love, guidance, and support of all those involved in the frontline work of such events. Let us know that, while we do not understand what has occurred – nor its cause – that all involved are held in love by the community, the state, the country, and the world as the news of this tragic event ripples across the planet. 

Know that each person’s thoughts, words, and actions in support of the healing of this experience are felt by those who need it most in every moment. We intentionally and purposefully send our love where it is most needed today. 

Please take a moment to check in on each other today and in the coming days. Our World Ministry of Prayer is available for prayer support and a vigil has been set up in our Hefferlin Chapel at Home Office.

In love, peace, and gratitude for each of you,

Rev. Sonia Byrne and the Executive Team
Dr. Edward Viljoen, Spiritual Leader
Dr. David Alexander, Chair Leadership Council
Rev. Sunday Cote, Field Leader